Attics & Basements

Whether you are selling your home, improving the air quality of your home for health reasons, or just tired of the mold in your home, All Clean can help. All Clean remediators are trained in mold testing to determine the extent of your mold issues. All air and surface samples are then sent to an independent, accredited laboratory for testing and evaluation. These results, as well as a thorough visual inspection, will help our mold specialists determine the proper course of action for your home. Rest assured that All Clean will never cover up your mold – we will eliminate it.

Did you know that mold loves attics and basements? Mold grows from two basic ingredients: mold spores and moisture. Attics and basements have plenty of both. Proper mold remediation in each of these areas of your home is important. Read on to learn about the challenges posed by mold growth in the attic and basement.

Attic Mold Remediation

Most people tend to see attics as the opposite of basements. It makes sense for basements to flood considering their location. But attics are just as likely, if not more so, to grow mold for similar reasons.

Think of the location of your attic. It’s at the top of your house, of course. What does that mean? Being at the highest point means your attic is the first thing in your home exposed to the elements. It has the least protection from those elements of any room in your home. When the temperature in your home shifts, it causes condensation and moisture that affects your attic.

Consider how often you really go into your attic. It probably doesn’t happen very often, and when you do go up there, it’s usually for a short amount of time. Therefore, your attic spends most of the time in the dark. So in addition to the increase in moisture, the room is dark, which mold loves. Darkness is the type of atmosphere mold prefers most.

Basement Mold Remediation

Basements are also at risk for mold growth due to their location in your home. Since they’re underground, the room stays cold and damp, causing a breeding ground for mold to grow. Basements are also at risk for flooding. During a storm, the water drains to low elevations and can wind up in the basement. Water in the basement will also lead to mold growth.

The Challenge Of Mold Removal

When it comes to removing mold, the only way to eradicate the issue is to get rid of every last piece of mold that’s growing. Mold, no matter how small, will generate more mold. Attics and basements are also places where you don’t spend a lot of time, so you might not notice mold growth as quickly as you would notice it growing in another spot, like the bathroom. To be proactive about mold growth in your home, perform periodic checks in both the attic and basement.

Mold Remediation In OSHKOSH

If you have mold growing in the attic or basement of your  home that you need to have removed, the team at All Clean Environmental is here to help. We are trained to get rid of every bit of mold to keep your family safe. Contact us today to learn more about our services.